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Discount on “Cor Rotto” in Amazon UK Kindle store
We’ve just been informed that the Kindle version of Cor Rotto is discounted on Amazon UK from today, 07/04/2015, until
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Mary Boleyn: In a Nutshell is #1 in two categories
Well done to our author Sarah Bryson for the massive success with her book Mary Boleyn in a Nutshell which
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Sarah Bryson is going on “Book Tour”
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A History of the English Monarchy – out soon!
Historian Gareth Russell has done it again with an all-new non-fiction history book. A History of the English Monarchy charts
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Mary Boleyn – new book published
We’ve just published a new book on Mary Boleyn, the sister of Anne Boleyn, available as paperback and Kindle versions.
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The BEST books in history
Sometimes things just creep up on you. We were asked to create a “poster” of our medieval/renaissance historical books and
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New Authors for 2015!
We’re always growing and improving what we do here at MadeGlobal Publishing and 2015 is a year of massive growth
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Simon Anderson goes on Blog Book Tour
Author of The Claimant, Simon Anderson, is off on virtual book tour with some amazing articles about the Wars of
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Adrienne Dillard is on Book Tour at the end of the month
Fantastic historical fiction writer Adrienne Dillard is off on a virtual book tour through some amazing history websites at the
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A History of the English Monarchy – Gareth Russell
MadeGlobal is proud to announce that we will soon be publishing a new non-fiction history book written by Gareth Russell.
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George Boleyn hits top ten list
A huge thank-you to historian and author Gareth Russell for his 2014 “Top 10 books” list (HERE) in which he
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Further success for Cor Rotto
The brand new debut novel from Adrienne Dillard, “Cor Rotto: A novel of Catherine Carey” is still storming up the
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