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Henry’s letter of love and adoration (Photo Credit: “Die Liebesbriefe Henrichs VIII” by Theo Stemmler; Belser Verlag Zurich, Publisher)

Sandra Vasoli, author of three books published by MadeGlobal about Anne Boleyn – novels Struck with the Dart of Love, Truth Endures, and non-fiction Anne Boleyn’s Letter from the Tower has done it again with a wonderful article on

The article, entitled “Anne Boleyn: A Woman In Love”, recounts how Sandra Vasoli went to visit the Vatican archives to see the letters that Henry VIII wrote to Anne Boleyn while he was courting her love. That the letters still exist is an amazing fact! Sandra has her own, very convincing, argument about the order of these letters, and she says that seeing them in real life was amazing for her because they really showed the passion and feelings that Henry had for Anne.

You can see the article here:

Thank you, Sandra, for your own passion on this subject, and also to Beth von Staats, owner of for supporting so many historians and authors.

Posted by Administator on May 18, 2017

MadeGlobal is proud to be supporting Anne Boleyn Day 2017. Click the image for more details…

Last year’s event was an amazing time, with us being online for over 18 hours … it is all a bit of a blur now. This year, we’re hosting the event on website, as well as a quiz on the Tudor Society website half way through the day.

Some of our amazing authors have contributed to the event, and this year we have Claire Ridgway live for a few sessions on her Facebook page, starting at 7am UK time!

We also have a videos from Beth von Staats, author of Thomas Cranmer in a Nutshell, Wendy J Dunn, author of Falling Pomegranate Seeds, Clare Cherry, co-author of George Boleyn, and Adrienne Dillard, author of The Raven’s Widow.

And that’s not all…

There are also going to be articles from Roland Hui, author of The Turbulent Crown and more from Claire Ridgway.

Exclusive Children’s Story

Thank you also to Alan Wybrow, author and illustrator of Tudor William at Hampton Court, and Catherine Brooks, who have recorded this wonderful children’s story as an animated book. It reminds me of the BBC children’s programmes that I used to watch when I was growing up…. DON’T MISS this wonderful children’s story at Midday (UK) – it’s a lot of fun and completely suitable for children from 0 – 99 years old!

History Fans … 1066 & The Battle of Hastings is OUT NOW!

The book is available on Kindle as an e-book, and also as a handy paperback which will be the perfect addition to anyone growing their collection of “MadeGlobal’s History in a Nutshell” books.

In 1066 & The Battle of Hastings in a Nutshell, Charlie Fenton discusses one of the most important events in English history.

Many recall the story of William the Conqueror sailing over from Normandy, going to battle with King Harold and the latter supposedly dying of an arrow to the eye. However, few know the details of why the battle happened and how Harold really lost his life, and even fewer know what happened afterwards, during the early reign of William the Conqueror.

GET 1066 & The Battle of Hastings

Tomorrow is the day that our wonderful new book, 1066 & The Battle of Hastings, comes out. It’s available for pre-order so that you can get it as soon as it is released.

Charlie Fenton is a regular on the Tudor Society, and is currently studying history at university. She’s brought together the important strands of history which brought such a change to the English people, in language, customs and the buildings used, in the momentous year of 1066. Clearly presented, this is a wonderful book. And, regardless of what you think you know about the events of this year, you’re bound to learn something new about English history.

Get the book HERE

Sandra Vasoli

Sandra Vasoli is the author of “Anne Boleyn’s Letter from the Tower”, a fascinating look into the provenance of a letter which has survived five hundred years. A letter which, if authentic, was the record of words spoken by Anne Boleyn to her husband Henry VIII shortly before she was executed. Gripping stuff… reality is far more interesting than fiction sometimes.

However, there is more! On the letter, there is a postscript which was added just before the letter was sent on its way. Sandra Vasoli is over at TheAnneBoleynFiles today with an article about what the letter says…

Read Sandra Vasoli’s article here:

There is a burned fragment of a letter dated 6 May 1536, signed “Anne Boleyn”, a letter in which the writer fervently proclaims her innocence to her husband, King Henry VIII.

This letter “from the Lady in the Tower” has divided historians, with some dismissing it as a fake. There has been no definitive study of the letter or its mysterious provenance… until now…

In Anne Boleyn’s Letter from the Tower, historian and author Sandra Vasoli provides an in-depth investigation of the letter. This is a phenomenal work which looks into the provenance of this precious letter over the centuries, individuals who may well have kept the letter safe for nearly 500 years, from author to its present home in the British Library. And the author of the letter… well…



A Centuries-Old Vendetta – that’s a great way to describe Remhurst Manor, the novel by Tamasine Loves. This book spans time periods … it’s one of those books that just draws you in.

You can read about the book, plus a bit more about Tamasine Loves, over at Quiet Fury Books today. Maybe you’ll win a copy of the book too!

VISIT Quiet Fury Books to WIN

Sadly this is the last stop of Tamasine’s book tour. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading her articles throughout the week at various websites around the globe. We also hope you’ve discovered a new love for YA novels through this and other books that Tamasine has mentioned in her articles.

Fans of Anne Boleyn will be thrilled to see that author Sandra Vasoli has an excerpt from her wonderful book Truth Endures over at the website.

Sandra Vasoli has really brought the times of Anne Boleyn to life in her Je Anne Boleyn series, and as we head towards May 19, the anniversary of Anne’s execution, it is a fitting time to highlight her story.

We hope you all enjoy it! A huge thank you to Beth from QAB for sharing this excerpt.


Want to get deep into the mind and motivation behind the writer of a great YA novel? Why not head over to to see what Tamasine Loves thinks…

The article is a very deep interview, and in it, Tamasine says, “When I wrote Remhurst Manor, I just wanted to contribute to the patchwork tapestry of YA books that I adore, that, as I grew up, kept me warm, fascinated, informed, provoked, and continue to guide me today. I wanted to give back. However, as I wrote, I also wanted to include something I’d not yet encountered in my reading. I think that Remhurst Manor shows a different side of growing up in Australia than offered elsewhere, so far, in YA.” That is very much like Tamasine’s motivation … she writes about the things she has seen, read and experienced. It helps to make this a great book.

The full interview is at now … AND you can win a copy of the novel “Remhurst Manor”.