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¿Te gusta la historia? Le encantará el último libro de Wendy Dunn sobre los primeros años de vida de Catalina de Aragón.

La exitosa versión inglesa del libro fue publicada en 2016 con el nombre de “Falling Pomegranate Seeds” (4.4 estrallas) y ha sido cariñosamente traducida traducida por Edurne Goñi para producir una conmovedora historia de los primeros años de vida de Catalina de Aragón.

¿El resultado? Semillas de Granada: El deber de los hijos

Basada en y alrededor de Granada, Andalucía, esta historia trae a la vida la historia de una mujer que terminaría como Reina de Inglaterra, casada con Enrique VIII.

Más información estará disponible pronto!

Posted by Administator on September 20, 2017

Philip RobertsAnother MadeGlobal author will be out and about soon! Philip Roberts, author of The Mary Rose in a Nutshell and Whitehall Palace in a Nutshell, will be at the wonderful Mary Rose Museum (a charity we love and support!) on 13 October, first day of the 35th Anniverary event being held there.

Why not book to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the raising of the Mary Rose with two days of fascinating talks. You’ll meet speakers such as Dr Miranda Kaufmann, Dr Fred Hocker who is Head of Research at the Vasa Museum, Professor Jon Adams and noted historian Dr David Starkey. Philip Roberts will be there signing his book, and this is a great opportunity to pick his brains about his favourite topic… the Mary Rose!

Refreshments, including a free lunch, will be provided throughout the day and there will be an opportunity to visit the Mary Rose Museum. The talks take place on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th October 2017, starting at 10am each day until around 3:30pm.

Booking is required…

Tickets are priced at £40 for one day or £70 for both days and you MUST book in advance – it supports a very worthwhile cause.

Posted by Administator on September 20, 2017

We love history, just like you do. That’s why it is always nice to be able to announce dates where you can meet our authors.

Toni Mount, well known and loved historian and author of the Sebastian Foxley Medieval Murder Mystery Series, will be attending the RIII Society AGM on Saturday, 30th September at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel, 2-8 Hanger Lane, Ealing, London W5 5HN.

Almost as exciting as the news that Toni will be attending, we’ve heard that the guest speaker at the event will be Chris Skidmore – so that’s two amazing reasons to head over to the event.

A world exclusive…

And to top it all off, Toni will be at the event with copies of her latest novella “The Colour of Betrayal” for sale and for book signings. The book is out on October 2nd, so you’ll be the first to have read this book!


Talented artist Ainhoa Módenes brings together popular mandalas and patterns from the Tudor period to create unique and beautiful colouring designs.

Colouring is known to both inspire and relax the mind, so grab your choice of pencils or pens and enjoy completing these 42 Tudor-inspired, hand-drawn illustrations.

Each colouring is on a separate page and is accompanied by text explaining the inspiration behind it, whether it’s Tudor architecture, embroidery, heraldry, illuminations or portraits.

Details on ordering out soon!

The Tudor Colouring Book will provide hours of joy, inspiration and relaxation.

Posted by Administator on September 11, 2017

Author and historian, Roland Hui, has recently been interviewed by Heather Teysko on the Renaissance English History Podcast in an interview where he discusses his latest book “The Turbulent Crown”. It is a fascinating look into the research and findings that Roland has made.

You can find details of the podcast at the following link:

You can get Roland’s amazing book here:

Author Wendy J Dunn has been interviewed by the great website “Behind the Pen” where she goes into some of her motivations for writing and research. Anyone who enjoys historical novels, or is an aspiring author should read this interview and get inspired!

“I build my characters – real and imagined – through thorough research. I love researching history and deepening my knowledge about people of the past, which means every novel I write increases my own personal reference library. But research is only just the start of the process. Wendy Dunn

Suicide or murder?

As medieval Londoners joyously prepare for the Christmas celebrations, goldsmith Lawrence Ducket is involved in a street brawl. Fearful that his opponent is dying from his injuries, Lawrence seeks sanctuary in a church nearby.

When Ducket is found hanging from the rafters, people assume it’s suicide. Yet, Sebastian Foxley is unconvinced. Why is his young apprentice, Jack Tabor, so terrified that he takes to his bed?

Amidst feasting and merriment, Seb is determined to solve the mystery of his friend’s death and to ease Jack’s fears.

Available for pre-order NOW


Toni Mounts Books


Roland Hui

Join MadeGlobal’s Roland Hui (author of ‘The Turbulent Crown: The Story of the Tudor Queens’) and other 16th century historians and bloggers at The Tudor Summit 2017 happening online on September 3 and 4.

The Tudor Summit is a two-day online event bringing together Tudor history enthusiasts from all over the world to connect with each other and listen to interviews and lectures from some of the leading Tudor History historians, bloggers, and podcasters. With lecture topics ranging from Tudor portraiture, fashion, and music; to Henry VIII’s wives, and the Princess Mary’s relationships with them, it will be a jam packed and engaging agenda!

Get Roland’s book – THE TURBULENT CROWN – here.

The event will be broadcast live on September 3 and 4, starting at 4pm UK time, and registration is free to attend live!

For more information, please visit:

Posted by Administator on August 8, 2017

Born on 21 September 1452, the very same year that Leonardo Da Vinci was born, Girolamo Savonarola: The Renaissance Preacher tells the story of a man who believed so wholeheartedly in God and the message that He was giving, that he gave his life for it.

The book is an introduction to the life and times of this infamous preacher, a man who was witness to the dramatic downfall of the Medici dynasty in fifteenth-century Florence, who instigated some of the most dramatic events in Florentine history and whose death is still commemorated today.

‘Thoroughly well researched and enthusiastically written. It is clear that Samantha Morris has great care for her subject and this is reflected in the quality of this work. A great introduction to Florentine politics in the late 15th century and the life of one of the most infamous individuals of the Renaissance’. – Katharine Fellows, St Peter’s College, University of Oxford

“Toni Mount joins the ranks of medieval mystery authors to watch for. The Colour of Cold Blood is her third Sebastian Foxley story. It is a fun read chock full of period detail—enough to please the most avid medievalist.”

What a wonderful review Toni Mount has received from the Historical Novel Association about her book “The Colour of Cold Blood”. This book is the third in her Sebastian Foxley series of medieval murder mysteries, and they keep getting better and better!

You can see the full review HERE