The first official review of "The Devil's Chalice" by D.K.Wilson

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The Devil's ChaliceWe’ve just been advised that Derek Wilson’s forthcoming book “The Devil’s Chalice” has been reviewed in History of Royals magazine. As we would expect, they LOVED IT! Here is a small part of their review:

The Devil’s Chalice features a ream of historical figures (all of whom are conveniently acknowledged at the end, if you want to separate fact from fiction), while the depth and personality of our fictional leader presents a very likeable and believable main character. Despite the evident research that’s clearly gone into The Devil’s Chalice, Wilson perfectly balances fact and fiction to foster a mysterious undertone that only serves to enhance the tense, rebellious atmosphere of 16th-century London.

The book is available for pre-order at this link: The Devil’s Chalice


Hot New Release

Wendy J. Dunn’s book “Falling Pomegranate Seeds” was launched on 20 August, and it’s already listed as number 3 in Amazon’s coveted “Hot New Releases in Tudor Historical Romance” category, just behind Philippa Gregory’s new book “Three Sisters Three Queens”. Well done Wendy!

If you’ve missed all the hype and news about this book, then it’s time to catch up – people are loving the way Wendy has told the story of Katherine of Aragon in her early life… this book is the first installment in a series and takes us up to Katherine preparing to leave Spain for England.


Posted by Tim Ridgway on August 24, 2016


Owner of MadeGlobal Tim Ridgway and his wife Claire

Owner of MadeGlobal Tim Ridgway and his wife Claire

Tim Ridgway has made a name for himself with his publishing company,, and has attracted 30 authors from across the globe with his ‘author centred’ approach.

MadeGlobal is to host a unique charity event in London entitled ‘An Evening with the Authors’. It will unite 19 authors and historians to share tips with other writers. It will also hopefully raise funds for the Mary Rose Museum Trust.

Tim, father of three said: “Primarily I imagined that this event would be an opportunity for history fans to meet the personalities behind the books they read, and that is definitely one part of the event. However, it quickly turned out that a lot of people wanted to talk to me about their book. With the rise of interest in self-publishing, a lot of people have been inspired to write. But actually making your manuscript into a success is a lot harder than you might imagine. I’m looking forward to meeting those people to see how we can help them. “And then, of course, there are those who are interested in discovering more about history. With this many well-known historians in one place, it’s the perfect opportunity to discuss history. “And finally, we have had a lot of interest from students. Some are studying history, others studying English or literature and that kind of thing. Both our authors and I have a passion for helping young people to succeed in life. I think that books, publishing and blogging can be a huge part of that success.”

The event is to be held at “The Venue”, Malet Street, London on September 24 at 7.30pm. Tickets are available from


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What more can we say … check out this amazing video from Derek Wilson, where he talks about his motivations for writing a novel, and then reads an excerpt from “The Devil’s Chalice”

You can get the book here:

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an_evening_black_bgWe’re going to be in London on 24 September as part of MadeGlobal’s “An Evening with the Authors” event, and we’d love to meet you!

As you may know, MadeGlobal is holding an amazing event not far from the Tower of London (Malet Street) where there will be Tudor and Medieval discussion boards, Tudor Music and you can meet our top historians in person. If you love history … this event is for YOU.

As we’re a successful publisher, then if you’re thinking of writing a book, this is also the event for you. Not only will you be able to discuss writing and being an author with so many amazing people, MadeGlobal is also running a booth where you can discuss your specific book, where you are with it, and what you can do to become a HUGE success.

Topping it all off (the icing on the cake!) there will be a stall from the Mary Rose, where they’ll have some artifacts from Henry VIII’s flagship. All-in-all this event is unmissable.

There are still tickets available, so head over to right now and book up to see:

Adrienne Dillard – Catherine Carey
Alan Wybrow – Children’s books / Henry VIII
Amy Licence – Children’s books / Tudor and medieval history
Beth von Staats – Thomas Cranmer
Clare Cherry – George Boleyn
Claire Ridgway – Anne Boleyn
Conor Byrne – Catherine Howard
Derek Wilson – Historical Fiction and non-fiction
Gareth Russell – Royalty / Historical non-fiction
Heather Darsie – Anne of Cleves
Hunter S. Jones – Historical Fiction
Jane Moulder – Tudor Music
Kirsteen Thomson – Richard III / Art
Kyra Kramer – Edward VI / Henry VIII
Melanie V. Taylor – Tudor Art
Philip Roberts – Whitehall Palace / The Mary Rose
Sandra Vasoli – Anne Boleyn
Sarah Bryson – Charles Brandon
Samantha Morris – The Borgias
Toni Mount – Medieval History / Historical fiction
TIM RIDGWAY – CEO of MadeGlobal Publishing

Book your tickets NOW:


As part of our launch for Wendy J. Dunn’s book, Falling Pomegranate Seeds, Wendy was interviewed live by Scott Levi on early morning radio for the ABC Radio station. Well done Wendy, for your amazing work of researching and writing a novel about Katherine of Aragon.

Here’s the recording of that interview:

Audio Copyright © 2016 Scott Levi, ABC Radio

Posted by Tim Ridgway on August 16, 2016

Just a short teaser … are you going to come and meet our authors in London on 24th September?


We’re busy getting everything together for the event … please don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime event.