Not just one book ... SEVEN books will be launched
on Saturday at "An Evening with the Authors"

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As part of our celebration of history and writing, “An Evening with the Authors” this saturday, we are launching SEVEN books. This is a huge step for us, and it’s the sign of things to come from MadeGlobal as we step up to support new and existing authors to get their books out. Our fresh and innovative approach to being a small publisher is really showing through with our ability to do things like …. this!

The Mary Rose in a Nutshell (Philip Roberts) –
All about Henry VIII (Amy Licence)-
The Devil’s Chalice (Derek Wilson)-
The Shadow of the cross (Dmitry Yakhovsky)-
Edward VI in a Nutshell (Kyra Kramer) –
Illustrated Kings and Queens of England (Claire Ridgway)-
Cesare Borgia in a Nutshell (Samantha Morris)-

If you’re an aspiring or even well known author, MadeGlobal probably is doing something you’ve never seen before … actually making authors into huge successes! Get in touch if you want to discuss things with us by using our submissions page. We look forward to helping you to succeed with your writing.

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So, as you probably know, we’re running an amazing event this Saturday in London, and we’ve got hundreds of history fans, authors and fans of our books either coming to the event or joining in our private online streaming!

There are still tickets available to come and meet us and our authors (CLICK HERE) and if you can’t make it to London then book your live streaming ticket before the event or you’ll miss out!

Join us live streaming – CLICK HERE

Hopefully see you on Saturday!

Posted by Tim Ridgway on September 21, 2016
Jane Moulder in the paper

Jane Moulder in the paper

“Leek musician and writer Jane Moulder will be taking part in the MadeGlobal Publishing’s An Evening with the Authors” in London.

You can meet her (click here) or ask questions online (click here) … don’t miss out as it is THIS SATURDAY!

Posted by Claire Ridgway on September 20, 2016

an_evening_gridIt’s just 4 days until “An Evening with the Authors”! This event sees 19 of MadeGlobal Publishing’s authors come together in London for an event which will include book launches, book signings, panel discussions on historical topics, live Tudor music, a chance to talk to MadeGlobal’s CEO about your book idea, and more!

Don’t miss this exciting event! There are two ways you can join in the fun:

  1. Come along! – There are still some early bird tickets available at £10. Click here for information.
  2. Via live-streaming – If you can’t get to London then join us via live-streaming. You’ll need a ticket to view the private live stream. Click here for details.

Whatever you do, don’t miss it!


Our author, Sandra Vasoli, is on book tour this week! We’re giving away a copy of her latest book, Truth Endures, at every stop. And of course, Sandra has written some great articles and even recorded some exclusive videos too.

Here is the first stop, On the Tudor Trail:
Here is the second stop, at Nerdalicious:


Posted by Tim Ridgway on September 3, 2016

Katie, our winnerCongratulations to Katie who won a copy of Derek Wilson’s forthcoming book “The Devil’s Chalice” as part of the Anne Boleyn Day event we ran earlier this year.

Katie, proud winner of a copy of The Devil’s Chalice, says, “I’m really enjoying it so far!”. She goes on to say, “This is a different type of book based in the Tudor era than I normally read and I’m finding it really interesting!”.

Katie is one of the first people to read the book in the world … it’s out on September 30th and is currently available to pre-order:

Of course, if you come to our event on 24 September then you will also be able to get a copy and also meet Derek himself!
MEET DEREK WILSON (and 18 other historians!)

Posted by Tim Ridgway on September 2, 2016

On 24 September we’ll be in London with loads of our authors. We’ve also just heard that our Spanish language translator will be at the event too. It’s growing and growing and is going to be simply … incredible.

Here is a video from me, Tim Ridgway, which I just made, inviting you – YES YOU – to come to the event. And if London is too far away then we’re live-streaming it too, but you have to get a ticket from this link:

“See” you there?

If you’re coming to the event (sept 24, London, click here to book a ticket) then I look forward to saying hello to you. And if you’re joining us on the live stream then I look forward to answering the questions you post to us live!