Author of a thrilling children's adventure, Verity is a child writing for children, but capturing adult imagination along the way...

Verity Ridgway

Verity Ridgway

Verity Ridgway

When not reading a book, Verity Ridgway is often found writing or drawing pictures of her favourite characters. Verity thinks she might want to be a full-time writer when she is older. Her stories are gripping adventures, and are written to be enjoyed by children like herself.

Verity’s favourite books include the Nancy Drew mysteries, the Anne of Green Gables series and Harry Potter.

Verity is the author of “Talia’s Adventures: Camp Under Attack” and the Spanish version “Las Aventuras de Talia: El Campamento Atacado”.

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  2. I was interested to read this enchanting book, written by a young novelist. Verity has managed to do what all novelists try so hard to do, which is tell a story with a fresh eye.

    The children in the tale show courage, endurance, responsibility and leadership, and the story is illustrated by Verity’s own images, which are perfect.

    The story is short, so I won’t précis it. Suffice to say that it should be read by adults and children alike.

    Good luck, Verity. This is a lovely first story.