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David Harris Griffith

David Harris Griffith

David Harris Griffith

David Harris Griffith has a bachelor’s degree in English with a specialty in creative writing.

David says, “Everything influences everything else. A picture is worth a thousand words, but understanding how to compose a picture is also understanding how to tell a story, or is that the other way around?”

The Whisper Garden is his first published novel.

Some reviews of The Whisper Garden

“I am not as a general rule a fan of mystery novels and have never been to New Orleans or seen Mardi Gras. But I really enjoyed reading this book about all three things.”H Arthur James

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book! The characters are very engaging, and the story draws you in immediately. Tough to put down, and a very smooth, easy read.”Deena M. Grimm

“I loved this book! It took some of the most stale tropes about New Orleans and made them fresh and then added a dash of sugar over the top.”Kyra Kramer

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