Get to know more about Adrienne …

I am so happy that you have come to my “download” page. I have been working hard putting together a little something for you.

First up, I asked my readers what questions they would like me to answer, and then I made a quick video to answer them! Actually, it turned into a fun 20-minute chat video, and I know you’ll enjoy it.

My readers also asked me to talk about something which inspired me and my writing, and so I put together a little document for you to have with a little bit of inspiration about that.

PLUS my publisher asked me to look through my files to see if there was a scene that I had written but not ended up using in one of my books … I found a great one which was written as part of Cor Rotto, involving none other than King Henry VIII.

It would be wonderful to get to know you a little better, so I hope you’ll click on the button here to get it all…

Get me the video, report and scene!

“THE RAVEN’S WIDOW: I adored this book, both as a historian and as an avid reader.”
– Kyra Kramer

“THE RAVEN’S WIDOW: An excellent alternative view of the infamous Lady Rochford.”
– tarantula arms

“COR ROTTO: Thoroughly enjoyable read, I couldn’t put my book down well thought out story.”
– Carol P

“CATHERINE CAREY IN A NUTSHELL: Ms. Dillard writes as a scholar, giving facts where they are well agreed to be such but warning when information is not clear in the sources.”
– C Bryan