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Gareth Russell is interviewed on BBC Radio 4

Posted by Administator on June 29th, 2018 at 11:28 am

Author and historian Gareth Russell, A History of the English Monarchy, has been interviewed on BBC Radio 4 all about famous anecdotes and speeches. He asks us to think again as we take a journey through history’s most famous misquotes and some wickedly funny tales of revenge.

You can hear the interview on this web page:

Gareth’s book, A History of the English Monarchy, goes into great detail about the monarchs from Boadicea to Elizabeth I, and it’s proved to be an incredibly popular book.

Recent reviews on The History of the English Monarchy

“Absorbing and entertaining narrative” – Galla, 5 STARS
“Debunks a lot of what I thought was historically factual …” – Rhonda Hunter, 5 STARS
“Monarchs Are People Too!” – Joan Leaver, 5 STARS
“This book filled in so many gaps for me even though I have read about and followed this period of history for most of my life.” – Lyn Richardson, 5 STARS

About the book…

In A History of the English Monarchy, historian Gareth Russell traces the story of the English monarchy and the interactions between popular belief, religious faith and brutal political reality that helped shape the extraordinary journey of one of history’s most important institutions.
From the birth of the nation to the dazzling court of Elizabeth I, A History of the English Monarchy charts the fascinating path of the English monarchy from the uprising of ‘Warrior Queen’ Boadicea in AD60 through each king and queen up to the ‘Golden Age’ of Elizabeth I. Russell offers a fresh take on a fascinating subject as old as the nation itself. Legends, tales and, above all, hard facts tell an incredible story… a history of the English Monarchy.

You can get the book HERE

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Gareth Russell is interviewed on BBC Radio 4

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