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Geoffrey Ashe reviews The Retreat to Avalon

Posted by Administator on June 28th, 2018 at 9:34 am

Geoffrey Ashe MBE FRSL, author of “King Arthur’s Avalon: The Story of Glastonbury”, has been enjoying reading Sean Poage‘s debut novel “The Retreat to Avalon“, and we’re so excited! Ashe is co-founder and secretary of the Camelot Research Committee, so it’s a big thing for us that he loves Sean’s book!

In an email to Sean, Geoffrey Ashe said, “Avalon, so the story goes, is a mythic place where King Arthur fades from view after his last battle. But in his ground-breaking novel Retreat to Avalon, Sean Poage tells us otherwise. Avalon, he says, is a real location on the map, and a real Arthur did go there. We can even fix the date.” He goes on to say, “Firmly based on historical and archaeological research, the story depicts a post-Roman Britain still preserving a tenuous unity under a charismatic leader: Arthur, the High King. As an ally of one of the later Roman emperors, he leads an army of Britons overseas. The author re-imagines the warfare of the time with authentic detail. Apart from the war, he skillfully reconstructs the ordinary life of the people of Britain, with much information about their food, their clothing, their buildings, their religion. He also gives credible glimpses of a place in Britain destined to inspire, long after, the romance of Camelot.”

Ashe sums up his thoughts on Sean Poage’s “The Retreat to Avalon” by saying ” Told through a group of vivid characters, The Retreat to Avalon brilliantly opens up a world which historical research has only recently begun to discover.”

Thank you so much for this wonderful review, we really appreciate it!

You can get The Retreat to Avalon HERE

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Geoffrey Ashe reviews The Retreat to Avalon

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