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Audio books from MadeGlobal

Posted by Administator on June 12th, 2018 at 2:06 pm

Did you know that MadeGlobal publishes audio books?

The Anne Boleyn Collection by Claire Ridgway – SAMPLE HERE

The Fall of Anne Boleyn by Claire Ridgway – SAMPLE HERE

Falling Pomegranate Seeds by Wendy Dunn – SAMPLE HERE


The Colour of Poison by Toni Mount – SAMPLE HERE

The first Sebastian Foxley medieval mystery by Toni Mount. – NOW AS AN AUDIO BOOK

The narrow, stinking streets of medieval London can sometimes be a dark place. Burglary, arson, kidnapping, and murder are everyday events. The streets even echo with rumours of the mysterious art of alchemy being used to make gold for the king.

Join Seb, a talented but crippled artist, as he is drawn into a web of lies to save his handsome brother from the hangman’s rope. Will he find an inner strength in these, the darkest of times, or will events outside his control overwhelm him?

Only one thing is certain – if Seb can’t save his brother, nobody can.

This book is narrated by Charlie Alsop-Parry and is a joy to listen to as he brings all your favourite characters to life.

Why not give an audio book a try and see how much you enjoy listening to these amazing books!

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Audio books from MadeGlobal

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