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Lil’s vintage world review some MadeGlobal non-fiction history books

Posted by Administator on May 21st, 2018 at 12:48 pm

We always love it when Lil from Lil’s vintage world reviews some of our books. Yes, we do send them to her, but it’s on the understanding that she reviews them honestly. Thankfully, she was very happy with the books she mentions in her latest history book review, and we’re so glad about that!

In this review, Lil looks at some of our “History in a Nutshell” series books including “Cesare Borgia”, “Thomas Cranmer”, “The Mary Rose”, “1066 and the Battle of Hastings”, “Edward VI”, “Whitehall Palace” and “Henry VIII’s Health”. Lil feels these books are the perfect introduction to their topics, and said

“There is plenty of information … they’re all fantastic with lots of primary source information”

Lil also reviewed Claire Ridgway’s “On This Day in Tudor History” which is a great book for those who are interested in the Tudors, or who make quizzes or even are teachers … it’s packed from start to end with interesting things which happened during the reign of the Tudors.

Following that, Lil went on to talking about “Pustules, Pestilence and Pain” by Seamus O’Caellaigh, a book which she rightly said the following:

“Aesthetically very beautiful – perfect for anyone interested in Henry VIII or the history of medicine”

And finally, a book which is perfect for reading at the moment, given that we’ve only just passed the anniversary date of his execution … is the book “George Boleyn”. Lil loved this book and found that it really helped her to understand Anne Boleyn and her brother a lot better. She said:

“Clare Cherry and Claire Ridgway make George Boleyn come to life – I can’t recommend this book enough”

Thank you once again, Lil, for your wonderful reviews. All of our authors really appreciate your hard work, and we recommend that anyone who likes books with a historical slant should subscribe to your channel. Well done all the authors, and well done Lil!

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Lil’s vintage world review some MadeGlobal non-fiction history books

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