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The Colour of Murder – Out Today on Kindle

Posted by Administator on February 1st, 2018 at 9:48 am

The fifth Sebastian Foxley Medieval Mystery.

London is not safe for princes or commoners.

In February 1478, a wealthy merchant is killed by an intruder and a royal duke dies at the Tower. Neither case is quite as simple as it seems.

Seb Foxley, an intrepid young artist, finds himself in the darkest of places, fleeing for his life. With foul deeds afoot at the king’s court, his wife Emily pregnant and his brother Jude’s hope of marrying Rose thwarted, can Seb unearth the secrets which others would prefer to keep hidden?

Join Seb and Jude, their lives in jeopardy in the dangerous streets of the city, as they struggle to solve crimes and keep their business flourishing.

In which order should you read the books

The Colour of Poison
The Colour of Gold
The Colour of Cold Blood
The Colour of Betrayal
The Colour of Murder

Exciting news about future books from Toni Mount!

We’re really happy to announce that Toni Mount has nearly finished the next book in her series – The Colour of Death – and she’s also signed a contract for THREE MORE in the series!

At Toni’s request, we’re keeping the names of the next books a little quiet, but believe us when we say that life isn’t going to get any easier for Sebastian Foxley and his friends. We certainly wouldn’t want to be in Emily’s shoes!

Get The Colour of Murder HERE

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The Colour of Murder – Out Today on Kindle

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