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The March 2018 Tudor Summit

Posted by Administator on January 24th, 2018 at 8:49 am

MadeGlobal authors are always busy talking about their own special topics, and we think that’s excellent! We’ve just been made aware of The March 2018 Tudor Summit, a two-day online event all about Tudor things. As you’ll know, MadeGlobal is well known in the Tudor world for publishing books by some of the greats (and if YOU have a historical fiction or non-fiction manuscript then please get in touch!).

For the March 2018 Tudor Summit, we have THREE authors as guests:

Claire Ridgway
Claire RidgwayClaire Ridgway is the author of eight history books including “The Anne Boleyn Collection”, “The Fall of Anne Boleyn” and “On this day in Tudor History”. She is also a course leader on, and is a founder member of The Tudor Society. Claire has “The Life of Anne Boleyn Colouring Book” coming out soon from MadeGlobal Publishing.

Seamus O'CaellaighSeamus O’Caellaigh is one of our newer authors and has written an incredible book “Pustules, Pestilence and Pain: Tudor Treatments and Ailments of Henry VIII”. This book is a colourful treat for history fans. It contains incredible photographic reproductions of some of the treatments used by Henry VIII, linked with original documentation and discussions of why these treatments were used. It is a stunning book.

Adrienne DillardAdrienne Dillard is a well loved historical novel writer. Her first book, “Cor Rotto”, was a huge hit worldwide, and this success has been followed by her novel “The Raven’s Widow”. Adrienne has an incredible sensitivity to the motivations of people from history, and in telling their tales, she really brings human motivation to life. If you haven’t discovered Adrienne Dillard yet, you really should try out one or both of her books, you’ll be really happy that you did.

The March 2018 Tudor Summit

You can find out more about the other speakers at this two day event from the following link:
The March 2018 Tudor Summit

Heather Teysko, the organiser of the event says that the Tudor Summit is “a two day online event bringing together Tudor history enthusiasts from all over the world to connect with each other, and listen to interviews and lectures from some of the leading Tudor History historians, bloggers, and podcasters. With lecture topics ranging from Tudor women, scandals, medicine, and more, we have a jam packed, and engaging agenda!”

The event will be broadcast live on March 3 and 4, starting at 4pm UK time, and it is free to attend live!

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The March 2018 Tudor Summit

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