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The Colour of Murder is out in Paperback

Posted by Administator on January 22nd, 2018 at 4:45 pm

Sometimes the magic of Amazon is amazing. Other times it is simply confusing. In this case, we have a bit of both… read on!

The official release date for “The Colour of Murder” by Toni Mount is 1 February, and that was for the Kindle version AND the paperback version. In their eagerness to get this amazing book out, Amazon seem to have released the paperback version today (though it also seems to be showing up as out-of-stock on some sites). We’re confused, but also excited for all the fans of Toni Mount as it looks like you may be able to get a copy early!

The kindle book seems to be as expected … 1 February release date. But, if you’re like many of Toni’s medieval murder mystery fans, you might want to try to get hold of the paperback sooner! You can also pre-order the kindle version so that it’s delivered to your kindle or reading app on the day of release.

Here’s the book description:

The fifth Sebastian Foxley Medieval Mystery.

London is not safe for princes or commoners.

In February 1478, a wealthy merchant is killed by an intruder and a royal duke dies at the Tower. Neither case is quite as simple as it seems.

Seb Foxley, an intrepid young artist, finds himself in the darkest of places, fleeing for his life. With foul deeds afoot at the king’s court, his wife Emily pregnant and his brother Jude’s hope of marrying Rose thwarted, can Seb unearth the secrets which others would prefer to keep hidden?

Join Seb and Jude, their lives in jeopardy in the dangerous streets of the city, as they struggle to solve crimes and keep their business flourishing.

There’s already a 5-star review on Amazon UK from an advance reviewer:

“I was lucky enough to get a pre-release copy of this book and it made my Christmas. The story is well constructed and the characters are believable and so well coloured you actually become concerned about them. The history behind the stories is accurate and sketched in such an interesting way you learn a lot about the lives of the ordinary people in medieval England. These ordinary people become involved in the machinations of the great and not so good of British history. If you enjoy any of, Paul Doherty, CJ Sansom, Ayls Clare, Candice Robb, Michael Jecks or Susanna Gregory then this book is for you. The book can be read stand alone but I would recommend reading the series in order for more enjoyment. This is the latest book in the series and every book has been 5 star.

We’re so pleased to hear that the reader enjoyed Toni’s book.

Get your copy of The Colour of Murder now!

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The Colour of Murder is out in Paperback

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