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Visit Tudor sites with “Tudor Places of Great Britain”

Posted by Administator on November 15th, 2017 at 8:48 am

Thank you once again to Lil from Lil’s Vintage World (check out her amazing YouTube channel here) who has used Claire Ridgway’s book Tudor Places of Great Britain to visit Baddesley Clinton, a WONDERFUL Tudor property.

Why not enjoy seeing this wonderful property through Lil’s eyes:

If you’re visiting Great Britain, or if you are interested in Tudor history, then this book is definitely for you…

“I bought this because I love the Tudor age. I found this book excellent for reading and was surprised there were so many buildings and areas associated with the Tudors. I plan on visiting England and will definitely use this book. Well done!
T. John Fleig

“Nice book, good information and love the pictures.

“Concise and informative! Claire’s latest is the perfect little gem for anyone who may be travelling or just wants a simple overview of all the properties in the United Kingdom that have Tudor ties.

This book was published in association with the Tudor Society. You can join this incredibly friendly historical society today!

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Visit Tudor sites with “Tudor Places of Great Britain”

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