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Lil’s Vintage World reviews

Posted by Administator on November 2nd, 2017 at 1:05 pm

Thank you to the incredible Lil from Lil’s Vintage World YouTube channel for reviewing our books this week. We’re thrilled you loved the books so much!

Review of The Turbulent Crown

Lil has reviewed The Turbulent Crown by Roland Hui, and it has to be said that she LOVES Roland Hui’s book:

“It has been beautifully designed and great care has really been taken on this book”
Lil’s Vintage World

Review of Katherine Howard

The second review on the video is of Conor Byrne’s biography, Katherine Howard: A New History, which has been well received in a world which sometimes seems to have a new biography every week. Conor’s approach is very primary-source based, and this comes through to the reader, opening up a new view on this fascinating queen. Here’s a quote from the video about Conor’s book:

“This strips everything bare… completely non-judgemental… brilliant and fresh”
Lil’s Vintage World

Review of Queenship in England

Another book by Conor Byrne, Queenship in England, was also reviewed by Lil in this video. Lil loves the book and feels that it has opened up some historical characters that she didn’t know about before. It’s wonderful when a book opens up a new world to you… here’s a quote from the review:

“The women that feature in this book are really interesting… just perfect”
Lil’s Vintage World

Here’s the review video in full!

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Lil’s Vintage World reviews

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