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The Tudor Colouring Book is out on Friday!

Posted by Administator on September 26th, 2017 at 4:46 pm

Young artist, Ainhoa Módenes, is excited because “The Tudor Colouring Book” comes out on Friday 29th September! She has combined her love of drawing mandala patterns with an interest in Tudor history, taking inspiration from Tudor blackwork, historical documents and paintings, architecture, heraldry, and even the badges and mottoes of Henry VIII’s six wives.

This beautiful book will keep any colouring fan happy, and Tudor history lovers will love it too because each image is accompanied by a historical information about where the inspiration came from. There is also a foreword by Claire Ridgway, author of eight history books. Colouring is known to both inspire and relax the mind, so grab your choice of pencils or pens and enjoy completing these 42 Tudor-inspired, hand-drawn illustrations.

Each colouring is on a separate page and is accompanied by text explaining the inspiration behind it, whether it’s Tudor architecture, embroidery, heraldry, illuminations or portraits.

The Tudor Colouring Book will provide hours of joy, inspiration and relaxation.

You can get the book at this link:

Here are some images taken from the book.

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The Tudor Colouring Book is out on Friday!

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