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5 star review for Toni Mount from The Written Word

Posted by Administator on July 14th, 2017 at 9:00 am

Here’s a lovely review of The Colour of Cold Blood: The Third Sebastian Foxley Medieval Murder Mystery by Michael Connery from The Written Word:

The titular character is back in this tale, and his sensitive, artistic character draws the reader in. The novel begins with a chilling prologue that sets the tone of the mystery.

Mount’s strength lies in her exposition. The language she uses is lyrical, poetic, and vivid:

“The late autumn grass, frost-rimed, crunched beneath his feet as he trudged towards his favoured spot beneath an oak tree, beside the Horse Pool.”
“The mist was a wet sheep’s fleece, compact and grey, draped from eaves and gables, enfolding London in its cold embrace.”
“According to the bell at St Michael’s, it was time for Low Mass but the watchful darkness had only reluctantly given way to a dreary daylight that painted the stone wall of the yard a sullen shade of grey.”

Mount transports the reader to medieval England, and her extensive knowledge of the geography, medicine, and lore of fifteenth century London is apparent. Seb’s profession as a scrivener is fantastically detailed, from the description of the pigments he orders from Venice to the shaping of a quill to whitening parchment with chalk. The complexities of marriage, friendship, and brotherhood are explored throughout the story, and some intriguing religious history is woven into the plot.

Michael Connery goes on to conclude “Multi-layered and beautifully written, The Colour of Cold Blood is an eloquent tale that brings the Middle Ages to stunning life on the page.”

You can get a copy of The Colour of Cold Blood, plus the other books in this murder mystery series, at THIS LINK

You can read the original review HERE.

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5 star review for Toni Mount from The Written Word

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