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Adrienne Dillard interviewed by Nancy Bilyeau

Posted by Administator on June 21st, 2017 at 4:04 pm

Adrienne Dillard and Nancy Bilyeau

Thank you to the wonderful Nancy Bilyeau for interviewing historical novelist Adrienne Dillard about her latest book The Raven’s Widow. Nancy is a wonderful author in her own right, and we love her books. It is a real honour to have a book which MadeGlobal has published reviewed on such a great website.

Read the interview HERE

The topic of the interview is Jane Boleyn, wife of Anne Boleyn’s brother George. Jane has had some very bad accusations made about her in a lot of recent historical fiction, and Adrienne is adamant that not everything you read is actually true – especially when it involves Jane Boleyn.

Nancy, the website owner, says “…in recent years, there has been a backlash against the negative view of Jane Boleyn, one that claims there is no evidence of her being the one to testify against her husband and to substantiate the shocking charges of incest with the queen…” She goes on to say, “I enjoyed this historical novel very much. Adrienne created nuanced portrayals of all the members of the Boleyn family, and put me inside the court of Henry VIII. I am rethinking a lot of my perceptions!”.

Enjoy reading the interview with Adrienne over on Nancy Bilyeau’s website, and then why not get yourself a copy of the book and make up your own mind?



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Adrienne Dillard interviewed by Nancy Bilyeau

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