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The Shadow of the Cross: Awakening (Part 2) – OUT NOW!

Posted by Administator on May 30th, 2017 at 9:15 am

The Shadow of the Cross: Awakening

We’re pleased to announce that the stunning second part of Dmitry Yakhovsky’s graphic novel series “The Shadow of the Cross: Awakening” is OUT NOW!

It is no exaggeration to say that Dmitry is a master of his craft – as we laid out this book for layout, we were absolutely absorbed by the beauty and movement of the artwork he had created. If anything, this book is even better than the first one in the series – if that’s possible! Taking us away to a dark forest, Dmitry weaves a magical tale of the middle ages, France, 1243, near to Carcassone.

Simply Stunning!

Here are some of the reviews left for the first book …

“Buy this for the art. It is gorgeous.” – David Harris Griffith, author of The Whisper Garden

“There’s a bit of everything, including illuminations style for the first pages. There’s also a fabulous sense of movement, from colors, to faces, to landscape, to architecture, I REALLY found the art excellent and kept reopening the book to look at the pages.” – WordsAndPeace

“The attention to detail in this book is impressive and each page is a work of art on its own with exquisite scenes. I cannot wait to discover what happens in the second part. The sheer beauty of the watercolour images alone this book are worth the purchase price.” – Debra Bayani, author of Jasper Tudor

“The illustrator make the stunning breathtaking graphics seem alive and completely draws you in and captures the story along with writing.” – Denise McCabe, children’s author

If you want to see what graphic novels should really be like, then we highly recommend “The Shadow of the Cross” Series by Dmitry Yakhovsky.

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The Shadow of the Cross: Awakening (Part 2) – OUT NOW!

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