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Tamasine Loves is at AimeeRaindropsWrites

Posted by Administator on May 4th, 2017 at 3:09 pm

Want to get deep into the mind and motivation behind the writer of a great YA novel? Why not head over to to see what Tamasine Loves thinks…

The article is a very deep interview, and in it, Tamasine says, “When I wrote Remhurst Manor, I just wanted to contribute to the patchwork tapestry of YA books that I adore, that, as I grew up, kept me warm, fascinated, informed, provoked, and continue to guide me today. I wanted to give back. However, as I wrote, I also wanted to include something I’d not yet encountered in my reading. I think that Remhurst Manor shows a different side of growing up in Australia than offered elsewhere, so far, in YA.” That is very much like Tamasine’s motivation … she writes about the things she has seen, read and experienced. It helps to make this a great book.

The full interview is at now … AND you can win a copy of the novel “Remhurst Manor”.

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Tamasine Loves is at AimeeRaindropsWrites

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