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Toni Mount signs 3 book deal with MadeGlobal Publishing

Posted by Administator on April 6th, 2017 at 11:35 am

Toni Mount signs three book contractMadeGlobal Publishing is proud to announce that author Toni Mount has just signed a three book contract for her next three novels.

Toni Mount, when asked about the next books in her Medieval murder mystery series, said “I’m delighted to announce that thanks to your tremendous support. My lovely publisher MadeGlobal has asked me to write THREE more Seb Foxley medieval mysteries.” She went on to say, “Here I am, signing the triple contract this afternoon for The Colour of Betrayal, due out this autumn, followed by The Colour of Murder and The Colour of Death next year – wish me luck!”

The next three books in Toni’s series are called The Colour of Betrayal, The Colour of Murder and The Colour of Death… Toni can’t wait to bring these books to the world.

A recent review of the first book in the series, The Colour of Poison, said

“The exquisite prose [is] expertly done. As a lover of words, I appreciate the masterful use of carefully chosen words. As for the sumptuous description… I’m a sucker for it. Ms. Mount writes the lurid streets of 15th century London as if she is painting with vivid colors. She didn’t just research the history of domestic life and write a story around it, she wrote it as if she was intimately familiar with it, as if she had personally walked the streets and lived in its neighborhoods. There is a personal knowing in her approach to the city, and this makes her prose stand out. Each character, whether prominent or secondary, was exquisitely drawn. Each is imbued with unique personalities distinct from the others

Toni Mount

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Toni Mount signs 3 book deal with MadeGlobal Publishing

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