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How to get MadeGlobal books in Australia

Posted by Administator on April 6th, 2017 at 11:06 am

For today’s post, I wanted to highlight the wonderful country of Australia. Being based in Europe, it seems a long way away, but MadeGlobal Publishing is a truly international publisher. We have four authors who are based in Australia – Wendy J. Dunn who published Falling Pomegranate Seeds, Glenice Whitting with her book Something Missing and Tamasine Loves with Remhurst Manor.

We were, however, asked today how to actually get MadeGlobal books in Australia – that’s a fantastic question…. read on!

MadeGlobal e-books in Australia

For those who have an e-book reader, all of our books are available in the Kindle format. So if you have a kindle e-reader you can get the books on that really easily.
If you don’t have a kindle, there is the free kindle reader application which works on all sorts of devices like laptops, desktops, Apple devices, mobile phones and so on. You can even read books from within your web browser.

You can get the kindle reader app from a number of sources, depending on what you want to use to read:

MadeGlobal paperbacks in Australia

MadeGlobal’s books are available from all bookstores, both online and physical, worldwide. You should be able to go into your local bookshop and order our books in … and they’ll be there quickly! In fact, we’d be thrilled if you would do that as we believe that local book shops are a vital part of any community. However, it is often easiest to order a paperback from an online bookstore, and our books are available that way too.

In Australia there are several possibilities:

If there are more, please do let us know and we’ll add to this list.

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How to get MadeGlobal books in Australia

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