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The Anne Boleyn Collection – a small snippet of history

Posted by Administator on March 13th, 2017 at 9:21 am

Claire Ridgway, author of many historical books and owner of TheAnneBoleynFiles website, has just noticed that it was five years ago today that her very first book went to #1 on Amazon!

The book, The Anne Boleyn Collection, was a selection of the best articles from Claire’s popular website at the time, and we could not have imagined how popular and enduring this book would be.

For a little snippet of history, you can see the post that Claire made on her website all those years ago by going to this link:

Forward-wind five years and Claire is now a very successful author, having written books such as “The Anne Boleyn Collection II“, “The Fall of Anne Boleyn“, “George Boleyn” (with Clare Cherry), “Tudor Places of Great Britain“, “Sweating Sickness in a Nutshell“, “On this day in Tudor History” and “Illustrated Kings and Queens of England“. What an amazing selection of books!

We are proud to support all of our authors! Congratulations to Claire Ridgway on such a long and successful writing career, and here’s to your next books!

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The Anne Boleyn Collection – a small snippet of history

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