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New Release – The Whisper Garden by David Harris Griffith

Posted by Claire Ridgway on March 3rd, 2017 at 8:02 pm

A new release from MadeGlobal Publishing this week, to coincide with Mardi Gras, is a wonderful supernatural thriller, The Whisper Garden, by David Harris Griffith.

Mardi Gras brings madness, music, love and questionable psychic experiences. But it also brings … murder.

Falling in love was a good start for Jeremy. He had no direction until his garden started talking to him, and then everything started to come together. Was Voodoo or chance driving events? His life was getting better, but would catching the attention of a killer bring it all to an untimely end?

With more twists, turns and quirky characters than a tango contest, The Whisper Garden is a roller coaster ride through a carnival funhouse.

David’s first review was a five-star one from “Kyra the Red”:

“I loved this book! It took some of the most stale tropes about New Orleans and made them fresh and then added a dash of sugar over the top. The story played in the supernatural with all due skepticism, but didn’t stoop to the tired convention of explaining it all away. The reader has to rationalize it away or embrace it as much or little as they want. Best of all, the female characters existed as independent agents rather than arm-candy or a foil for the hero … who was a martial artist but couldn’t magically kick through steel or leap nine feet in a single bound or any of the other exasperating things people think black belts can do thanks to the movies. As for the murder element — please God never let the guy who wrote this book become a serial killer because I don’t think he’d ever get caught! I cannot begin to express how much I enjoyed this novel, because as a middle-aged hard-core fan of the Gothic I had feared this eerie-mixed-with-mundane-romance-mystery style had ended with Barbara Micheals! Moreover, the writer’s clear love affair with New Orleans made me long to be there myself and have someone do my Tarot cards and wear beads and eat the food and revel at Mardi Gras. So many thumbs up!”

Thank you, Kyra, we’re so glad you enjoyed it.

You can find out more about The Whisper Garden and order it at

David Harris Griffith was born in the mid-1960s to an artist and a noted psychologist. He has a bachelor’s degree in English with a specialty in creative writing, had enough hours to get a minor in photography if the university had offered one, enough hours of psychology to meet the prerequisites for admission to the master’s program in psych, and enough time in the theater department to… well, he spent a lot of time there, surely it was good for something. (Every experience comes into play for a writer one way or another.)

David has been studying and teaching Shao Lym Ryu, an eclectic martial art, since the mid-1980s. Despite being in charge of the school, he is far from being a master. He doesn’t believe in the concept of anyone being a master. To be a master implies there is nothing left to learn, and that is impossible. Is there a field of human study where further study does not also raise further questions? David has worked as a professional photographer. That pursuit was relegated to a back burner when he discovered that while taking photos is a joy, managing that kind of business is far less of one. On a good day, David is a marginally competent bassist and has played with several local bands over the years. On a bad day, David is happy that not many people pay much attention to what the bassist is playing. One of the bands David has played with was called Whisper Garden and was named after the song Whisper Garden, which was written by Ben Brown (a good friend of David’s) about David’s novel The Whisper Garden.

David is a passionate poker player and has a well-reviewed guide to winning no limit texas hold’em available on kindle. Recently, David has taken an interest in the cigar box guitar movement and has been building cigar box guitars. He loves transforming junk and cheap supplies into playable instruments and finds great joy in answering the question, “how can I put strings on that?” None of these are disparate activities though. Everything influences everything else. Rhythm effects sparring and storytelling. Understanding combat plays into poker. A picture is worth a thousand words, but understanding how to compose a picture is also understanding how to tell a story, or is that the other way around? Studying self-defense means being able to write about violence more realistically. David also feels very strange writing about himself in third person but feels like he’d sound pretentious writing a bio such as this one in the first person.

ISBN-10: 8494649841
ISBN-13: 978-8494649844

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New Release – The Whisper Garden by David Harris Griffith

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