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Conor Byrne “Queenship in England” is on book tour

Posted by Administator on February 13th, 2017 at 9:12 am

MadeGlobal Publishing recently Conor Byrne‘s latest non-fiction history book, “Queenship in England”, which is a fascinating look into the nine women who were married to kings of England between 1308 and 1485. These are the women you have probably heard of, but might not know so much about… women like Isabella of France, Joan of Navarre, Katherine of Valois, Margaret of Anjou and Anne Neville.

Queenship in England Book Tour

Conor is on book tour this week, starting with an article entitled “Ten Things You Might Not Have Known About Late Medieval Queenship” on the History of Royal Women website.

Why not follow along with Conor on his book tour this week and discover some fascinating things about the Medieval world!

A preview of Conor Byrne’s book

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Conor Byrne “Queenship in England” is on book tour

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