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The Raven’s Widow is OUT TODAY!

Posted by Administator on February 13th, 2017 at 8:43 am

Adrienne Dillard

Adrienne Dillard is a well loved historical novelist, whose debut novel, Cor Rotto, has been a huge success. In fact, it was such a big success that it was also translated and published in the Spanish language, “Cor Rotto: La historia de Catherine Carey“. Everyone loves Adrienne’s truthful approach to story telling, and it shows through the sheer number of wonderful reviews she has received on Amazon for her books.

The Raven’s Widow is

Adrienne’s second Tudor novel, arguably even greater than her first, is out today
The Raven’s Widow: A novel of Jane Boleyn.

The novel tells the story of Jane Boleyn, the wife of George Boleyn (queen Anne Boleyn’s brother). Jane is one of those historical characters that novelists have often chosen to make into an evil or spiteful person, but, as you will discover in this book, Jane is actually a much deeper and more fascinating character than people have implied in the past. Jane Boleyn really deserved a novel about her life, and Adrienne Dillard has given the subject the care and attention that it deserved.

You can get the book in paperback or on Kindle from THIS LINK.

Here is a preview of The Raven’s Widow by Adrienne Dillard

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The Raven’s Widow is OUT TODAY!

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