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Sebastian Foxley now has his own website!

Posted by Administator on February 7th, 2017 at 1:50 pm

Fantastically successful author Toni Mount has been feverishly working behind the scenes to put “flesh” to her fictional character, Sebastian Foxley. As part of this, she asked us to create a potrait image of Seb, and she has been working to put togeher a web page for him. It’s all because Toni has another book in the series coming out soon for pre-order, available March 22nd, and she is already writing more instalments of the series!

Want to see how Sebastian was drawn?

Here is a video we put together, entitled “The Making of Sebastian Foxley” which shows the stages author Dmitry Yakhovsky used to create the portrait. Dmitry is our very talented artist, and we have even published his own graphic novel, “The Shadow of the Cross“. Fans of Dmitry’s work will be happy to hear that the artwork for book two in this series has now been completed and MadeGlobal is working on getting it ready for publication.

The making of Sebastian Foxley

Toni’s books “The Colour of Poison” and “The Colour of Gold” are already available from Amazon and all good bookstores.

Sebastian Foxley also has his own website!

You can find out all about Sebastian Foxley’s exploits at his very own website! Toni has been putting the background story of Seb onto the pages, and will be adding more tid-bits of information as the series continues. It is well worth a visit, and is a beautiful website.

The next book, “The Colour of Cold Blood” will be available to pre-order very soon!

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Sebastian Foxley now has his own website!

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