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Claire Ridgway interviewed in “The Hawth”

Posted by Administator on August 13th, 2012 at 3:24 pm

Interview from “The Hawth” Magazine, August 2012. Claire is mentioned alongside Pam Ayers, Julian Clary, Sheila Hancock and Baroness Shirley Williams!

The Tudor Miss Marple

History researcher and writer Claire Ridgway lives with her Crawley born husband Tim somewhere up a mountain in Andalucia, southern Spain. A vivid dream about witnessing Anne Boleyn’s execution led to Claire giving up her occupation and making it her mission to get to the truth behind Henry VIM’S second wife and share what she found with the world. Claire published her first book The Anne Boleyn Collection: The Real Truth About the Tudorsin February, selling over 2000 copies in the first 5 weeks. Now her second book The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown is outstripping the success of the first. Claire sees herself as a history detective, using zee leetie grey cells to dig for the truth in the primary sources.

She’s like a dog with a bone when it comes to a misconception or inaccuracy and won’t let go until she’s found the truth.

It was Tim who suggested to her that, rather than merely earning a royalty on her books, she should publish them herself. Claire being Claire, she wanted first to know exactly how to do that; in particular, how to advertise for sale a book that in physical terms didn’t exist until someone ordered it.
And so, she and Tim went into everything in the finest detail: how methods such as ‘print-on-demand’ work; how to format and sell her books for reading on Kindles or iPads; how to get a cover designed; how to get an ISBN; how to know what the tax implications were etc etc. But still Claire wasn’t satisfied. She wanted to know what other authors’ experiences were of self-publishing and whether it actually worked. And it’s here where Claire and Tim ran up against a brick wall; there was no information to find. But Claire and Tim didn’t give up. They not only self-published Claire’s books, to worldwide commercial success, they have now jointly written a book for all would-be authors to solve all those difficult questions that they themselves couldn’t get answered when they were starting out.

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Claire Ridgway interviewed in “The Hawth”

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