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Conor Byrne #1 in 16th Century Kindle e-books

Posted by Administator on August 15th, 2014 at 9:30 am

Conor Byrne is #1

Yesterday we launched Conor Byrne’s new biography “Katherine Howard: A New History”, and overnight it has become a great success!

Conor’s book is already #1 for kindle books in the 16th Century History Category, and #12 in Historical Biographies. We’re expecting more from it over the coming days and weeks, and we’re really proud of Conor’s book.

It’s also #2 in a “Hot New Releases” list on Amazon, and we LOVE to see that!


You can get the book via these links:
US –
UK –

Don’t miss out on our special report offer

If you send a copy of your purchase receipt to then we’ll send you a link to an exclusive report written by Conor Byrne about the portrail of Katherine Howard in modern culture. It’s a little thank you from MadeGlobal and Conor to you for buying the book.

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Conor Byrne #1 in 16th Century Kindle e-books

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