10 reasons and advantages why you should
own your domain name

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10 Advantages to owning your own domain name

Posted by Administator on January 9th, 2012 at 2:24 pm

Own your own domain name with MadeGlobal.comWe here at MadeGlobal have noticed that even though owning your own domain name is straight forward and inexpensive, there are still many people out there with an name.wordpress.com domain. We think it’s crazy! Discover 10 advantages to owning your own domain name with our help.

There are many advantages to owning your own domain name and website rather than hosting using wordpress.com. Here are just a few:

Reasons to get your own domain name

  1. simplicity – your email address would become info@yourname.com or whatever
  2. add credibility – it costs so little but shows you are a serious author
  3. truly promote yourself – don’t spend time advertising wordpress!
  4. portability – if you decide to move domain host, you don’t lose your domain name
  5. easier to remember – people know your name, and so they’ll know where to look for your website
  6. keep the name for years – if website technology changes, you’ll still have your domain name
  7. easier for search engine optimisation you COULD spend time on wordpress SEO, but it’s better to promote yourself!
  8. build your own contact/email list -market to your own list at your will and really make money
  9. google adsense – make money from your OWN adverts
  10. it’s easy to do!

Fancy discussing with us how your own domain name and website would make you unbeatable? Want to know how to position yourself and your business as a true brand?

Speak to us at MadeGlobal

We have been advising clients on how to own their own domain name and website, and as you can see from our portfolio, we’ve designed and implemented many personal and business websites over the years. Show the world that you mean business with your domain. And don’t listen to other companies … it is both simple and inexpensive to own your own website and domain, if you know the right people to speak to!

Why not take a look through our website design portfolio to see if there is something that is similar to what you are looking for … here!

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10 Advantages to owning your own domain name

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