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Ten days until you can get your hands on Toni Mount’s latest…
We know there are a LOT of Toni Mount fans out there, and maybe you’re one of them? We don’t
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How wicked was Anne Boleyn?
Author Roland Hui, The Turbulent Crown, has published a fascinating article on the perceptions of Queen Anne Boleyn as a
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Great review of Girolamo Savonarola
We don’t often share reviews of books as we like our books to speak for themselves, but we just saw
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Audio books from MadeGlobal
Did you know that MadeGlobal publishes audio books? The Anne Boleyn Collection by Claire Ridgway – SAMPLE HERE The Fall
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Meet Sean Poage TODAY!
Come along to Maine Mall, South Portland, to meet Sean Poage today and tomorrow (8/9 June) as he will be
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The Retreat to Avalon – OUT TODAY!
Fifteen hundred years have turned history into legend… Frustrated with living in the shadow of the elder warriors, Gawain dreams
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Books out this month
June has already been a busy month for us, and there are yet more exciting things happening later in the
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Win a Drink Charms Set – Colouring Competition
Today is the release day of “The Anne Boleyn Colouring Book” by Claire Ridgway and Claire is running a great
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Fantastic review of The Colour of Murder by Toni Mount
What a fantastic review we’ve just seen in this month’s Historical Novel Reviews magazine – it’s a review by Christine
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Lil’s vintage world review some MadeGlobal non-fiction history books
We always love it when Lil from Lil’s vintage world reviews some of our books. Yes, we do send them
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Claire Ridgway and Sandra Vasoli’s Anne Boleyn books at Hever Castle…!
It’s lovely to see Claire Ridgway so happy! She is pictured here in the gift shop at Hever Castle (ancestral
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Win a copy of The Raven’s Widow audiobook from Adrienne Dillard
For nearly a year, Adrienne Dillard has been working alongside MadeGlobal and an amazing actress, Breeanna Judy, to create an
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