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Posted by Tim Ridgway on February 4, 2016

Press Release: for immediate distribution

Tim Ridgway, founder of MadeGlobal

Tim Ridgway, founder of MadeGlobal

MadeGlobal Publishing first began publishing books in 2013 with the hugely successful “The Anne Boleyn Collection” books, swiftly attracting top historians with a blend of high quality history, aimed at the general reader. The publisher, whose website can be found at www.MadeGlobal.com, is continually adding authors and books to its line-up. Now, with over 25 books on the market and a growing number of respected expert historians who publish only with them, MadeGlobal has taken the decision to have its best selling books translated into the Spanish Language.

“Having lived in Spain for over ten years and seen the amazing success of TV series like ‘The Tudors’, I knew it was finally time to bring our wide range of historical fiction and non-fiction to the Spanish market. Our first choice was Cor Rotto by Adrienne Dillard as this has been a strong best seller for over a year in its English version. It’s about time that people got to read some great history,” said Tim Ridgway, founder of MadeGlobal Publishing.

Today, more than ever, people have a desire to know more about history. TV series and films have brought many eras to life, and history is a strong and growing area of interest for many people. Through both fiction and non-fiction, people are able to learn about the past, and with affordable, high quality books, Madeglobal Publishing is enriching this exciting area.

If you want to learn more about MadeGlobal then visit http://www.MadeGlobal.com/

Jasper Tudor #1

Jasper Tudor #1

Well done and congratulations to Debra Bayani for the continued success of her book “Jasper Tudor: Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty Kindle Edition” as yet another MadeGlobal book reaches the #1 top spot on Amazon.

#1 in Kindle Store > Books > Biography & True Accounts > Historical > Europe > General
#2 in Kindle Store > Books > History > UK
#2 in Books > Biography > Historical > Britain

Interestingly, this top position puts the book ahead of Boris Johnson, Anne Frank and even Adolf Hitler. It’s great to see that a Tudor is on top of history again!

You can read a sample of her book right here on MadeGlobal:

Posted by Tim Ridgway on February 1, 2016

Jasper Tudor

Jasper Tudor

We’ve just been alerted by Amazon.co.uk that they are promoting Debra Bayani’s “Jasper Tudor” book for the Kindle! This is a really great honour for us and for Debra as it means Amazon are liking the success this book is having.

So, until the end of February you’ll be able to get hold of “Jasper Tudor: Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty” for the great price of only 99p.

Jasper Tudor offer only available in the UK for Kindle

This offer has been arranged by Amazon themselves, so please don’t complain that it isn’t in your country or for paperback … we’re just pleased that those in the UK can enjoy this fantastic book all about Jasper.

In the past when Amazon have done this for us, we’ve been really pleased with the response from our readers. After all, it isn’t often that you can benefit from such a great discount. So, if you’re interested in Tudor or medieval history then this book is a must see. And it’s only 99p! Yay!

So, hop on over to this link and get yourself a great deal!

Gareth playCongratulations to MadeGlobal author Gareth Russell on a wonderful review of his latest play “Say You’ll Remember Me”. Stephen Donnan, of EILE Magazine writes of how the production had him “in stitches every couple of seconds” and concludes his review with: “There is not a single thing I would criticise about this production, even the singing was on point! Get down to The Mac while this is still on, or you will be missing out on a real treat.”

“Say You’ll Remember Me”is the final instalment in Gareth’s “Popular” series of books set in a Belfast Grammar School. It’s no “Malory Towers” though, it’s hard to believe what this ‘it crowd’ gets up to!

The first two books, Popular and The Immaculate Deception, are available as kindle books and paperbacks on Amazon.com and Amazon UK.

Gareth Russell is also a historian and MadeGlobal was proud to publish his wonderful book A History of the English Monarchy. Click here to view his author page.

Posted by Tim Ridgway on January 8, 2016

Earlier this week, author Philip Pullman wrote an open letter to publishers on the Guardian website (http://www.theguardian.com/books/2016/jan/06/philip-pullman-society-of-authors-open-letter-fairer-terms-for-writers) which discussed the problems professional writers are facing at the moment, and firmly placing the blame on publishers. We at MadeGlobal would like to respond with our own open letter…

We completely agree!

pullmanPhilip Pullman, we completely agree with your article. Time and time again we, as publishers of historical fiction and non-fiction, are approached by the “cast-offs” and “no-hopers” from the main, traditional, old-style publishers. We hear horror stories about terribly low royalty payouts, about books going out of stock with no re-print date, lack of control over cover design and wording, re-publications of books with a different title for no reason, no focus on creating an e-book version ever, and about authors only receiving royalties once a year…

The world of publishing has changed

The world of publishing has changed, and traditional publishers are not able to keep up with the dramatic changes that have happened in the world of printing, publishing and book retail. I’ll say that again they just can’t keep up.

A new breed of responsive publishers

However there is hope for the beleaguered author, and it belongs with what we’ve started calling “a new breed of responsive publishers”. These publishers (and yes, we are one!) are fair to their authors. For example, we at MadeGlobal split royalties 50/50 for ALL sales through ALL channels. These publishers want to be fair in everything they do. Nobody makes anything unless a book sells, but for authors to be happy, they should be compensated immediately. In a world where royalties and payments from retailers are electronic, there is no excuse not to pay authors on a monthly basis (we do). Authors work incredibly hard to create their manuscripts. They deserve to be paid as soon as they can. And they are the ONLY real asset that a publisher has. Without authors and their manuscripts, a publisher is useless. I suspect that traditional old-style publishers have forgotten this fact, and that it’s part of the reason they are all struggling so much at the moment.

Full inclusion

Another point we feel is vital for a healthy publisher-author relationship is an open discussion about all things. We feel that traditional publishers want to hide behind locked doors, to do everything internally. That isn’t the way to keep authors happy. We feel that authors should be part of a family. Certainly we’ve created a “MadeGlobal Family” for our authors, where we all cross-promote our works, share successs and failure, and motivate each other to much greater highs. It’s part of a full inclusion that only new-breed responsive publishers can offer. By working with a responsive publisher, authors can be involved in the direction and concept for a cover design (though only good publishers will avoid the horrible “self published” look that sadly still exists!), in manuscript changes to tighten up wording, and in discussing places where a book might be marketed or promoted.

Bookshops are not the sole focus anymore

Publishers focus on trying to get books into physical book shops, but they are no longer the main avenue for most readers these days. The majority of people shop online. Certainly in countries like the UK and many parts of the US, a local bookshop finds it difficult to survive these days.

Online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble are able to provide every book that exists, not just a limited selection which the owner of a shop can show. The physical bookshop is wonderful and we love them, but they’re not the only outlet for books any more. From the author’s point of view, we completely understand the attraction of having your book “in a shop”. But that shop is only every visited by locals. The world is one HUGE market place and online sales, ebook sales, are the way things are going.

Sadly, traditional publishers are still counting on their relationships with bookshops and chains, and in many cases are neglecting the way the market has changed… but not responsive publishers!

Yes, we can see the value of real shops carrying our author’s books. For example we employ a marketing manager whose job it is to place our books in historical sites throughout the UK. That’s because we sell history books, and we know that visitors to historical attractions are actively looking for our books. But Waterstones?, no. They are great for the top 100 mainstream books and that’s about it, in our opinion.

Tiny niches

These days, readers want to be able to choose from a myriad of tiny niches. And authors are increasingly catering to those small niches – that’s excellent news for both readers and authors. Sadly the traditional publishers just can’t see that the world has fragmented. Online retail has enabled our history authors to get directly to their target audience. No gate-keeper is needed any more. Within the blink of an eye they can tweet, facebook, blog or whatever and hundreds of thousands of likeminded readers will get to see it. It’s amazing. It’s what a responsive publisher can take advantage of.


Philip Pullman also touches on agents in his article. We really don’t see the value of agents any more. With traditional publishers, an agent was vital to get the best deal possible, or even to get a deal at all. Authors can now negotiate their own deals. When the author knows they’re getting a totally fair deal, there isn’t any need for an agent to try and negotiate a “good deal”. The author CAN ALWAYS gets a good deal if their book is good.

And in conclusion

We wholeheartedly agree that the old business model (author -> agent -> publisher -> bookshop) is dead. It’s that simple. We think that traditional publishers have treated authors badly for long enough, and that it’s time for modern publishers to give the power back to the author. We think that a new business model has already taken over (author -> publisher -> world) and that we are in the dying moments of the old ways.

Philip Pullman, we, as modern publishers, salute you, and all of the other authors out there. YOU are the reason that publishers exist, not the other way around.

Posted by Tim Ridgway on January 7, 2016


I do love a good cover reveal, and we hope that this is a good cover! Toni Mount’s “The Colour of Poison” is scheduled for publication later this year, but we were so thrilled by the cover that we couldn’t wait to show the world…


Posted by Tim Ridgway on January 7, 2016

It is always nice to see that your hard work has paid off, and in this case we are thrilled to see that the history books MadeGlobal has been publishing are doing really well. It’s a great start to an action-packed 2016 with the following “TOP FIVE” book list including three of our books!

Queen Anne Boleyn

James Peacock, Founder of The Anne Boleyn Society mentions these books:
(3) “George Boleyn” by Claire Ridgway and Clare Cherry
(4) “Anne Boleyn’s Letter from the Tower: A New Assessment” by Sandra Vasoli
(5) “Thomas Cranmer: In a Nutshell” by Beth von Staats

Honorable mentions also go to more of our books! Including:

You can see the reviews and comments that James Peacock makes on these and other history books at the following link:

Historian and author Gareth Russell has written an article on his website about Henry II’s glamorous and famous queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Gareth really has a way with words, and explains history in a way which is both entertaining and educational.

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Eleanor of Aquitaine

The book “A History of the English Monarch” is an essential read for anyone who wants to discover more about this glorious country. It covers the period from Roman rule to the death of Elizabeth I in 1603.

Enjoy Gareth’s article:

Tudor Tales William at Hampton Court

Tudor Tales William at Hampton Court

Continuing with MadeGlobal’s growth in the Children’s history book area, we are proud to announce a new book written and illustrated by Alan Wybrow. The book “Tudor Tales William at Hampton Court” is based on a true story which happened to Henry VIII. Alan’s beautiful illustrations introduce a fictional character, William, who is rescued from the streets and ends up … well, we can’t tell you the end of the story!

For early readers and their parents, this is the perfect children’s book. It is fully illustrated, in large format with large easy to read text, and both the story and the pictures really take the reader through what happened.

And above all, you’ll fall in love with William!

This is just the start of a fantastic series of books which Alan is working on. We’ll see William get into lots more adventures, all of them based on real history!

You can get the book here, in paperback or for Kindle:

Meet Alan Wybrow, the author and illustrator

Author and artist Alan Wybrow

Author and artist Alan Wybrow

Alan Wybrow is a graduate of the Connecticut Institute, USA obtaining a diploma in Children’s Literature. He is currently combining his interest in Tudor history with his artistic abilities to produce a children’s storybook series encompassing stories of the life and times of the Tudors. He lives in Canada.

Alan’s “Tudor Tales William” books are based on true historical events and seek to entertain children while also educating them about the wonderful things which happened in the past. The books are illustrated throughout in full colour.