#576 Paid in Kindle Store for Cor Rotto! Well done Adrienne Dillard!

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Posted by Tim Ridgway on November 29, 2014

The brand new debut novel from Adrienne Dillard, “Cor Rotto: A novel of Catherine Carey” is still storming up the book charts on Amazon.

Adrienne has written an amazing book and we’re so pleased that people are enjoying her work.


It’s nice to actually boast about the success of one of my own books for a change … yesterday we released “Illustrated Kings and Queens of England” on Kindle (hardback coffee-table colour version is soon to be available) and it’s already #10 in Amazon’s “Best Sellers in Biographies of Royalty” list.

It took MANY months of painstaking, pixel level work to bring stunning Victorian etchings in the book to life with colour. We were continually amazed at the detail that is in each and every image. This truly is a stunning book.

Cor Rotto - a huge success

Cor Rotto – a huge success

Well done Adrienne Dillard for the massive success of your debut novel “Cor Rotto: A novel of Catherine Carey“. We’ve just seen that as of today it is #59 in the coveted Historical Fiction category on Amazon.com – that puts it between “Silk Road” by Colin Falconer and “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie. It feels great to have published a book which is more popular than Agatha Christie…

Posted by Tim Ridgway on November 3, 2014

Today in Dead Royalty

Today in Dead Royalty

We’ve just been made aware of a great review of Conor Byrne’s book “Katherine Howard:A New History” on the TodayInDeadRoaylty website.

While we will never be able to answer many of the questions we have about Katherine, Mr. Byrne has gone to great lengths to make us rethink our positions. By referencing a wide variety of sources, the writer seeks to repaint the image of Katherine from that of the silly girl who was in over her head and just looking for a good time, to that of a young woman, abused throughout her early life

We’re really pleased that the news of this wonderful historical biography of Katherine Howard is making it’s way further and further.

And another quote from the page:

It was. He puts a completely new spin on her. If Katherine’s image is ever fully rehabilitated, Mr. Byrne started it.

You can read the review here: http://todayindeadroyalty.com/2014/11/01/katherine-howard-a-new-history/

Posted by Tim Ridgway on October 24, 2014


Author and historian Conor Byrne will be “doing the rounds” at the end of this month in his very first blog book-tour.

At each of the stops there will be a chance for site visitors to win a copy of Conor’s book “Katherine Howard: A new history” which has been gaining widespread praise for it’s fascinating view of Henry VIII’s fifth wife.

27th Oct – The Anne Boleyn Files
28th Oct – Nerdalicious.com.au
29th Oct – Anne Boleyn: From Queen to History
30th Oct – QueenAnneBoleyn.com
31st Oct – On the Tudor Trail

Make sure you tag along with this book tour.

Posted by Tim Ridgway on October 16, 2014

Truth of the Line

Truth of the Line

We’ve had a wonderful email from a member of the public who has been listening to the audio version of Melanie V. Taylor’s “Truth of the Line” book.

Just a short post today as I think that Kim’s comment says it all:

I have been listening to the audible version of The Truth in the Line on Audible. I feel as if I’m having a personal experience with Claire’s familiar voice… this is a fantastic exploration of Tudor life through the eyes of Nicholas and I am enchanted. I believe in comparison to higher budget publications, you may get some comments about clarity, but I for one feel like I’m sitting in England and listening to Claire across the room. It’s so pleasant… far more realistic in my opinion.
Thanks… I wish it could be made into a movie!

Posted by Tim Ridgway on August 18, 2014

Oh My! Discounted books???

Don’t miss out on our Mad Monday Discounts – we’ve put the Kindle versions of “The Truth of the Line” by Melanie V Taylor, “The Anne Boleyn Collection II” by Claire Ridgway and “100 Under 500 Calorie Meals” by Beth Christian on special offer!!!!

Just head over to Amazon and search for the book you’re interested in and you’ll find the discounted price there.

These prices are just for the 18th, 19th and 20th August, so you’ve got to act quick!




Conor Byrne is #1

Yesterday we launched Conor Byrne’s new biography “Katherine Howard: A New History”, and overnight it has become a great success!

Conor’s book is already #1 for kindle books in the 16th Century History Category, and #12 in Historical Biographies. We’re expecting more from it over the coming days and weeks, and we’re really proud of Conor’s book.

It’s also #2 in a “Hot New Releases” list on Amazon, and we LOVE to see that!


You can get the book via these links:
US – http://amzn.to/1oLArLP
UK – http://amzn.to/1AfVA9m

Don’t miss out on our special report offer

If you send a copy of your purchase receipt to tim@madeglobal.com then we’ll send you a link to an exclusive report written by Conor Byrne about the portrail of Katherine Howard in modern culture. It’s a little thank you from MadeGlobal and Conor to you for buying the book.