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Posted by Tim Ridgway on July 22, 2015

It seems that MadeGlobal publishing has taken over the world of non-fiction historical books and we’re thrilled for our amazing authors. Today, when we came to look at a number of best seller lists on we discovered that many of our books are top-ten ranked.

Well done to all the authors in the MadeGlobal family, and thank you so much to everyone who has bought one of the books or contributed in any way. Here are some screenshots we just took, highlighting our books!!!

Posted by Tim Ridgway on July 20, 2015

people Are you a part-time or freelance worker? MadeGlobal may be looking for your skills … we’ve recently put together a list of the production flow for our books plus the auxiliary support work which goes along with it all. Take a look through the list and if you could see your name fulfilling any of the roles – send us an email telling us who you are and what you do. We’re waiting to have you join the MadeGlobal Family.

We’re looking to fill the roles in RED.

Production flow

Author Submits Manuscript
Copy Editing
Selection and Licensing of images
Custom Artwork Creation
Proof Reader (approval of copy edits)
Paperback Layout and design
Conversion to E-books
Cover Design
Final publishing phase
Initial Marketing Launch Coordination

Auxiliary work

Social Media Promotion
Website Promotion
Book/Blog tour Coordination
UK physical sales to historical venues
New author signing/development
PR and promotion
Accounts and Author Royalties
Book “pipeline” management

So, if you’re interested, so are we! Get in touch…

Posted by Tim Ridgway on July 16, 2015

Historical Fiction Thursday and Friday

Hello fiction history readers!

Get your fix of amazing historical fiction for just 99p (UK) or 99c (US) for Today and Tomorrow only. That’s 16th July and 17th July ONLY! These are the books you can get for this CRAZY price:

That’s five novels for under $5/£5 so perfect to download on your kindle/tablet/phone/PC for summer reading – enjoy!

Posted by Tim Ridgway on July 6, 2015

Thomas Cranmer book tour We’re happy to announce that our author Beth von Staats is on virtual book tour this week, with stops at all the best historical websites. We’ll be giving away a copy of her book “Thomas Cranmer” at every stop on the tour, so make sure you follow along.

Today’s stop is at Queen to History – Beth discusses Thomas Cranmer’s relationship with the Boleyn Family

Posted by Tim Ridgway on June 24, 2015

Free book give-away. Yes. You heard right! Beth von Staats is going on a virtual book tour and at each stop we’ll be throwing in a free copy of her book “Thomas Cranmer in a Nutshell” which you can win!

6 July 2015
Anne Boleyn: From Queen to History
Guest article: Thomas Cranmer and the Boleyn Family

7 July 2015
Fear and Loathing in Tudor England blog
Deb Hunter interviews Beth.

8 July 2015
The Tudor Society
Guest article: Thomas Cranmer’s Everlasting Gift

9 July 2015
Kyra Kramer’s blog
Guest article: Four Fun Facts about Thomas Cranmer

10 July 2015
The Anne Boleyn Files
Claire Ridgway interviews Beth

11 July 2015
Guest article: The Tudor Odd Couple

12 July 2015
Beth talks about her top 5 Tudor figures.


As you may know, we’re becoming quite well known in the history publishing world – some of our books have rapidly become go-to reference books or best selling historical fiction.

Well, we’ve recently been working with two authors to create two children’s book series. Here’s the inside story…

Amy Licence – The “All about…” series

Westminster Abbey
Amy Licence is well known in the Tudor world as being an amazing historian. She’s written a number of books for adults which have been very well received. However, she wanted to bring history to a younger audience. Therefore, together with MadeGlobal Publishing, Amy has been writing a series of children’s books which we’re publishing under an “All About …” banner.

This series focuses on each of the kings and queens, starting with Richard III and ending with Elizabeth I. In all there will be seven books in this series. They’re going to be full colour and will have simple-to-understand text for young readers, plus more detailed information for parents to read aloud or for more able readers.

Of course, Amy Licence does some amazing research, so we’re excited that finally children will be able to appreciate the actual stories of these fascinating historical characters. Oh, and did we say that they will be stunningly illustrated too (just see the image of Westminster – lovely eh?).

Alan Wybrow – The “William” Series

William-KindlingGoing even younger with our readers, respected children’s book illustrator Alan Wybrow approached us to see if we’d help him to bring his character “William” to market. William is a young boy in the times of Henry VIII and what an adventure he’s going to have!

Alan is meticulous in his work, and he puts so much feeling into his illustrations. Yet they are perfectly accessible to even the youngest of children. Our hope is that “Tudor Mums, Dads and Grandparents” will enjoy reading these books with their children. They’ll be historically correct and most importantly a lot of fun.

It’s going to be a busy summer

With all this work going on, you’ll appreciate how much is going on here at MadeGlobal Publishing. We’ve also got a number of grown-up historical fiction books coming out soon … more about that in another post.

Posted by Tim Ridgway on May 27, 2015

To all our clients whose websites we host, please accept our apologies – the server is down and we’re working to get things back to normal again.

Posted by Tim Ridgway on May 19, 2015

If you buy Hunter S Jones’ new book “Phoenix Rising: A novel of Anne Boleyn” before 21st May 2015 then we’ll send you a link to a lovely “thank you” video from Hunter.


What do you need to do to receive this gift from Hunter?

Simply forward your Amazon purchase receipt to and we’ll send you back an email link. We WON’T add you to any mailing lists or send you any further marketing. It is a one-time-thing for this offer, and your email address will be kept 100% private.

SEND your Amazon purchase receipt to us and we’ll get the link to you as soon as we can!